I have never considered getting tattoos and probably will never get one in this lifetime but that has never gotten in the way of my curiosity.  Some people probably look at tattoos with disapproval while I, on the other hand, am fascinated by them, excluding of course those inkblots that look more like doodles and chicken scratch.  Then again, everybody has his own story to tell.


This is no ordinary tattoo shop.  In fact, it is a not even a tattoo shop but rather is a junk shop.  And that isn’t a tattoo machine.  It is an empty ballpen tube, a sewing needle, a motorcycle tire spoke, an electric motor from a discarded CDROM drive, a cellphone charger, all held together by some scotch tape, sewing thread, glue stick and one small screw.


The pattern is hand drawn using an ordinary ballpen.  And it is done on sweaty skin on a hot summer day.


After failing to draw a decent pattern, the subject finally decided on getting 3 stars under the old tattoo.  His 3 children perhaps.


The neighborhood boys have also come to watch.


I forgot.. the foot switch is an ordinary light switch and it’s probably skin ink and not printer ink.   Maybe one of these days I will get lucky and be able to watch a professional tattoo artist at work.


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