It’s Election Day in the Philippines today.  We’ll finally be done with the political posts on FB and other social media sites.  I’ve done my duties as a citizen of this republic and I am looking forward to a better future for this country.

Meanwhile, it’s time to chill out on this hot summer day.


It’s been more than a month since I’ve last taken my camera out for a walk.  I guess I just needed a break and hopefully be able to see the same everyday scenes differently.



8 thoughts on “chill

  1. Orlando I can relate to your need to take some time off from your routine. After all the turmoil of relocating twice in just a 6 month period I finally rejuvinated ly love of photography by returning to the subjects I love, animals. I’ve visited the Southwick Zoo now twice in just the past week and will be returning many more times in the coming months. I’ve paid the $55 annual fee so I just scan the badge they gave me as I enter and it’s all free from there. I love the photos you post and the children in them. The little girls casually glancing toward you steals the show in this outdoor scenic. Well done, as usual. – Bob

    • “returning to the subjects I love” – thanks for this tip, Bob. And I probably need another computer at home just for one purpose; I’ve realized that one thing I hate is having to bring my work laptop home to do the photo editing and posting. I’m getting lazy.

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