It just doesn’t feel like a weekend is complete without a photo walk but there are times when we can’t do anything about it.  One day is just not enough to do everything I want to do, especially when it involves hitting the snooze button a hundred times before getting out of bed and catching an afternoon flight.  There will be other days, so says a dear aunt of mine.

Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to make friends with people whom I haven’t met yet and this is our first meeting in person.  The best part is this being a photo walk in Navotas.


We arrived late in the afternoon just as the day shift was about to end.  No unwanted medical emergencies today besides the medicine cabinet suffering from a loose vowel.


The little girl didn’t want to be framed, so she slunk further back into the seat where she got caught between a truck and an SD card space.


Boat on the rocks during happy hour.


All eyes glued to the ladies volleyball championship on TV.


A dog day afternoon.


The real Filipino convenience store is way better than 711; you can get whatever you need through credit without ever needing a credit card nor a shirt on your back.


All I want to do is bicycle, bicycle…


Look out below, the sky has fallen!


The sun, the sea, and the silhouettes of ships against the sultry sky.


This beats staring at all those photos on Facebook.


I should buy something similar so I can take my wife on a bike ride.  A dutch cargo bike, perhaps.


This is a far as “riding off into the sunset” goes.


A majestic sunset.  I would never tire of this view.


Thank you, Amado, for taking me on a tour at a moment’s notice.  It was a great first meeting and I will be looking forward to more photo walks in the future.

Palm Sunday


It’s that time of the year again when the pious gather around church altars to have their palm frond crosses blessed by priests.  It’s also a time when enterprising people get to share in some of the blessings by way of selling palm frond crosses outside these churches.


The significance of these crosses may have been lost in me, but not the realities of the daily struggle these people go through just to make ends meet.


No one is too young to work if the situation so dictates.


And no one is too old to be exempted from work, especially if they cannot afford not to.


But the best story of the day was from this very nice lady who was sitting by the side entrance of the church compound.  She talked about her grandson who has been left in her care since he was 6 months old.  There was a lot of pride in the way she talked about her grandson’s academic achievements and how responsible he is with the money he earns from helping her sell her goods.  She is one happy and proud grandmother.

writings on the wall

This memorial was erected as a testament to the lives lost on November 8, 2013.  On it were the names of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and neighbors.    OCUY2382

Today it stands as a faceless and nameless wall.  Have they been forgotten?

on being thankful

Thankfulness is:


..not having to watch television through a neighbor’s windows;


..not being the one to burn in the sun while left to watch over the boat;


..not having family members who will sell you in the market as soon as you’re not a kid anymore.

staying cool

Today is the first day of summer according to my calendar.  No rain for the past few days and I am waking up to warm sunlight filtering through my bedroom windows in the early morning.  It’s time to hit the beach!


A friend once offered to teach me surfing, but that was at a time when I was spending the entire Sunday mornings playing golf.  If the offer is still good today, I will most definitely take those lessons.  This definitely looks fun.


Surfers on a break on top of a cliff along the highway in the municipality of Dulag.


Around a short bend, a group of skim boarders are also on a break.


The view from where the skim boarders were sitting.


Some days are spent on the beach, from morning until afternoon.  It sounds like a nice retirement plan.


…just have to remember to bring a beach umbrella.


As with everything in life, the fun has to end.  Tomorrow will be another day.

just another Sunday

I had a very nice quiet walk this morning…















A day in the life…


I’ve read the news today, oh boy…

I have always been a Beatles fan.  There may or may not be any relation between this photo and the song which this blog title shares, except maybe for the opening first line.  Here’s the link for your listening pleasure.  Enjoy!

finite bounty

Much has been said about teaching a man to fish…


…and much, much more has been said about going forth and multiplying.


If anyone were to heed the call to procreate, it should be the fishes in the ocean.


A small catch of small fishes; how long will it be before they run out?


When that day comes, there won’t be anything to say about teaching a man to fish.

something old, something new


This used to be a copra warehouse.  It has been a copra warehouse for many years, maybe decades.  It now serves as a passenger terminal for vans for hire.


Tacloban City has changed for the better and also for the worse, and then there are some things that haven’t changed at all.  More specifically, some people’s way of life for the past 3 decades still remains the same.


They are the cobblers who have long occupied the sidewalks of Rizal Avenue.  Except for the young man second from the right, they have been around for as long as I can remember.  Their trade hasn’t flourished, but it hasn’t dwindled either.  Businesses on that street have come and gone: the comics stands that lined the street corner have long disappeared; the general store at the corner gave way to a pharmacy, which in turn gave way to this fast food restaurant.  There will be a new building beside this fast food restaurant soon.  The landscape has already changed yet these hardy people remain.  Times are changing, now faster than ever.  Who knows where they will be another decade from now?

one of these days…

There wasn’t one single soul out on the beach today but me.  OCUY2239

The last time I’ve seen a different view of this vista was from the airport terminal 2 weeks ago.  It was cloudy and the early morning sun was peeking through the clouds, casting light on this little island in the middle of the sea.  One of these days I should should be able to take a picture of that image that has been imprinted in my mind.  One of these days the rain will stop and then I should take a long walk with my camera.


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