just looking

When I started this blog, I couldn’t wait to upload and post the photos I’ve taken earlier in day.  That was then.  Now my photos sometimes remain in the camera, untouched for weeks.  I’ve come to recognize the issue; it’s not procrastination but a lack of motivation to bring my work laptop home to download and edit the photos.  Tonight, I brought my laptop home.  The thought of these photos waiting to be processed is beginning to disturb my conscience.

Where to begin after a long break?  The public market.  Lots of people there and no one would notice.


Watching eggs, eggs, and more eggs day in and day out.


Ol’ blue eyes.  I don’t know why anyone would put this doll head on a motorcycle.


Behind bars.  I think I may have disrupted their peace and quiet.


14 thoughts on “just looking

  1. Woooow. Niceeeee. Great pictures. Its tough ehn working on and posting the pictures. I thought I was the only one always affected. Just today i was testing various watermarks to find the one that will work best for me. Yours is a blog worth discovering.

  2. I received a notice from WordPress stating that I had passed my 4th year with them in the blogging world. I can understand your fighting with motivation as I’m still trying to post every day. It’s not easy getting motivated that often much less getting out there in all types of weather and in varying states of health. Just know that I really appreciate your efforts Orlando. I love your photography and your letting us share in your world. You have one of the few blogs I look forward to visiting each week.

    • thank you, Bob. I’ve just received my notice for passing 6 years. It’s getting to be a challenge to do a weekly post, but you’re doing it daily and I should be asking you how you manage to do it despite the weather and everything else. Motivation and lack of interesting subjects are the main reasons why I’ve been slacking for some time now. I wish I could invite you over for coffee.

  3. It’s good to wait. You let the photos marinate a bit and when you get back to them you’re more objective towards them. I learned that with film. Keep it up!

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