light in the dark 

And this has become evening walks with my camera…


It’s going to be dark for a little while longer…

Al fresco dining at downtown Tacloban, anyone? 


I just met a friend who hasn’t yet found the inspiration to return to photography, and then I ask myself, am I really inspired when I do these weekly walks or am I just following a routine? Short answer: this has become routine, and then once in a while inspiration hits me from out of nowhere. 


15 thoughts on “light in the dark 

  1. I know what you’re saying Orlando. I’ve been out of my element for weeks now as I’ve moved across the country where it’s beautiful in other ways. Still, I miss my zoo and the animals. I live with three eager doggies that I need to start photographing. They stand at the top of a short staircase each morning lined up across the landing, waiting for me to come up. There are three breeds, three sizes and three distinct personalities to love. I need to start to photograph them.

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