quiet night

It’s almost midnight and I’m still doing a photo walk. Surely it’s not an addiction; I’ve skipped a few weekends here and there to make room for other activities and also to make sure that I don’t run out of subjects to photograph.

There’s really nothing new except for the haze that has covered the skies these past few days. I didn’t realize that it made for a really nice background.


On the left is the Tacloban City Convention Center, or Astrodome as it is called by locals. The lights on the right side is the city proper.


Fishermen are still out during this time of night to lay out their nets.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bay…


Hot water for coffee or instant noodles and some chitchat by the fire side.  The man’s wife is abroad, and by the way his story went, she has probably left him.  One of his children works in Singapore and the another in Luzon.  Still another is unemployed and has given him grandchildren to take care of.  He is living with a different partner, saying that his life could have been wasted if he remained lonesome.


It’s twelve o’clock and all’s quiet.


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