While most of us are getting ready to hit the sack, there are still some people who are a long way from calling it a day.


The volume of unfinished athletic uniforms for the upcoming meet has the sewer going faster than a sprinter in a full marathon.


The glazier grinds off the sharp edges of the jalousie window glass at a rhythmic pace to make for an early morning delivery.


Meanwhile, the rest of the neighborhood sits quietly by the sidewalk, enjoying a late night movie on cable tv.  It’s a peaceful night.

I am already on overtime and need to hit the sack for my early morning bike ride. Goodnight!


8 thoughts on “overtime

  1. Morning walk give me enjoy, strength, peace in mind and ever ready to do domestic works .I have also habit to click with my camera the natural scenarios. It is my habit and I am satisfied by doing photographs during my morning walk.Thanks a lot.

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