5:15 p.m. Friday afternoon, just off from work and taking my sweet time getting ready to take an afternoon walk.  I was on my way to the annual Grand Santa Cruzan, a procession of lanterns, floats, little prince and princesses, the Reynas (queens) and their escorts.  The boulevard where they usually congregate was empty.  There was no procession.


Turns out I missed the procession.  The butterflies were already heading home well before sundown.


………..and so were the beauty queens.


The little princesses were so tired and wanted to go home.


A stark reminder of the fateful day when the world seemed to have ended, but that was a lifetime ago.


The angels learn to smile again, and that’s good.


The week has ended.  Tomorrow, a new week will begin again.  Welcome, June.



6 thoughts on “late

  1. I always welcome your pictures and words. Seems like you captured intimate scenes, although not the main procession.

    Good to see that healing is taking place in your city.

    Keep up the good work.

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