What would it be like if there were no weekends?


There would be no street vendor/magician selling trick cards, no passersby having the time to be mesmerized by the magician’s sleight of hand…


There would be no leisurely rides in an open vehicle, no slow munch on a fresh mango while waiting for father to come back with the needed supplies…


There would be no lazy conversations….


There would be no slowing down of activities, no pauses in between to remind us that work will always be there no matter how much we get things done, and it will always be so from the time are old enough to do some work until we become old and aren’t able to do anything.




16 thoughts on “weekends

  1. A few years ago God humbled me while teaching yet another of life’s lessons. I was going through a low point in my life losing my job of 13 years, my house to foreclosure and my marriage of 9 years all on the same day, I packed all my worldly possessions in my new pickup and drove 850 miles to start life over near my sister & her family. She gave me a place to live, a shoulder to cry on and all the loving I needed to pick up the pieces of my life and start completely from scratch. I had a support system that had my back covered.

    Now I’ve come full circle and get to do it all over again. This time around I am again humbled to find that same support system still in place, with God in control, opening doors so I might have a roof over my head. I know the disaster in the Philippines was life changing yet I know from your blog that you too have someone who has your back. It’s the same almighty God that watches over me, keeping me safe and loved. You can count on Him!

    • Bob, I’m so sorry to hear about what you’ve gone through and what you’re going through again now but I’m glad to know that somebody’s got your back. It will be alright, just as sure as we will be in due time.

  2. I wonder what it would be over here? there’s a reason why we say, “thank God it’s Friday” :))) the world will stop without weekends:) thank you once again for these wonderful piece. A day late, but still a welcome treat, hahaha.

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