back in town

If I were to count all the days I got out of bed early, most of them would be Sundays, the reason being the thought that I can go back to bed at any time during the day.


There’s nothing like having a quiet time to appreciate the surrounding beauty,


and being able to focus without distraction.


It’s all quiet at the carnival.  They’re back in town to entertain guests who will be visiting Tacloban from this day until well past the City Fiesta on June 30.


Jupiter is in full view this morning, and somebody at Disney needs the Batman.


The circus dog takes time to contemplate on the meaning of its existence.


This new attraction will either fly high or flop.  There is no middle ground.


No free performance for me today. The veteran trapeze artists are so confident about their abilities that they do not need any rehearsals.


Let the audience cross their fingers and hope that none of the trapeze artists miss a catch, but the chances of the swinging showmen falling into the net is much less than that of a spectator falling off this perch.


12 thoughts on “back in town

  1. love the second frame. love the wild flowers:) hope the carnival, gives the people of Tacloban a healing in a small way..Beautiful set.!!! thank you.

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of “the city at sleep”. Your photos are always so full of life, it’s nice to see a sleepy, quiet time 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos Orly! It mirrors the condition of the city. It seems haunting and devoid of normalcy, but then again what is normal.

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