of human interests and friendship

I wouldn’t have seen this place had it not been for a friend whom I’ve known only on Facebook.  I sent Dennis a private message about my scheduled trip to Davao to attend a conference and told him I would like to meet him, him being a fellow photographer.  After an exchange of phone numbers and a couple of weeks later, we were having coffee and talking about photography and human interest, and then went off to capture the light.   Thank you, Dennis.  I hope to return the hospitality one of these days.

kids on an unfinished boat by the sea wall flying a kite

boys and a girl on the prow

a boy balances on the boat frames while holding on to his kite

another boy sitting on the wooden boat frame

silhouette of two boys, their kite and the clouds

2 girls playing with an umbrella outside their house

boys and motorcycle tires

a girl hands out a piece of bread to a boy playing on the wooden boat frame.


9 thoughts on “of human interests and friendship

  1. awesome…you captured the essence of being a child..when we grow older we want something that capture somehow our carefree childhood days, when HAPPINESS means being able to play, when RELATIONSHIPS were simple because everything is just “friends” by its meaning..this is it! and yes, this one stir up human interest..MORE GREAT WORK!

  2. thank you again. I am very grateful to my friend Dennis Tan for bringing me here. His car broke down and it took a while to get it started, giving me enough time to go around and take pictures.

  3. like those picture very much. reminded me of my childhood days in tacloban. simple home made kite, roller bald bike tire with stick, going to PANTALAN near roxas park ( behind mc donald hamburger house.

  4. like the second pic and the last………………, so real as if I am one of them playing, bring back memories Orlando
    keep up see you next month.

  5. The Children, bless them. The joy on their faces, you captured them. Such a wonderful set! I never had doubts about your talents in reachiing humanity and touching our hearts. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH !. thank you.

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