an hour and 4 klicks

So I walked a good 2 hours and a half.  The first hour and a half was spent on exploring downtown Davao (previous blog entry), and I have no idea why the heck I decided to walk 4 kilometers in the last hour to meet my companions for dinner.  A jeepney ride would have cost me less than Php 10, and I would have arrived 50 minutes earlier.  Does this make any sense?  Because it sure doesn’t make sense to me.

two ladies walking past a boarded up shop in Davao

We passed this part of town the night before, and it was a long way from the hotel so I was deciding whether to take a jeepney or taxi.  Jeepney.  Taxi.  Jeepney.  Then the phone rang.  Dinner at the mall.  Now I know why I decided to walk…. I could not decide whether to ride a jeepney or take a taxi.

rubber shoes on display inside a showcase at the shoe repair shop. before and after

Who remembers Grosby Shoes?  I had a pair or two when I was in grade school.  Decent shoes, until Nike and Adidas took over the world.

entrance to a movie house, rated X

I still cringe at the sight of signboards like this.  It’s like a huge stop sign that I dare not enter.  Maybe it’s the thought that my mom wouldn’t approve of such places, and then there are also people way older than me whom I don’t consider as adults.

a boarded up section of the city

Urban decay.  I see the same writings on the wall.

glass doors heavily painted with graffiti.

Signs of the times.

a painting of two eagles on display

long hair, glasses and bonnet

home made ice cream

I’m glad there are still some of these around.  I don’t see them in my city anymore except during children’s parties.  If only I can travel back 30 years and take photos of the early morning scene at Sabang where the ice cream is made.  One of these days somebody will invent a camera that can take snapshots of the images in our mind.  I’d like to be around when that day arrives.


3 thoughts on “an hour and 4 klicks

  1. this set brings sadness, looking at the “signs of time”, which is really true anywhere, even here. We can just hope and be optimistic. Wonderful takes once again.

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