Gloomy Sunday

flip flops on the rocks



raindrops on a pane


people diving into the water


solitary bicycle left in the rain



5 thoughts on “Gloomy Sunday

  1. I’ve always taken care to put myself in another person’s situation and look at how the photo I’m taking of that person will be well accepted from his/her standpoint. This time I took a step further. I’ve placed myself in my good friend’s shoes and tried to see things from my heart. I am very thankful for this one person who got me into photography – Dave Fowler. I never thought that this could be a good way to silently scream to the world our innermost feelings. This is for you, my dear friend. I hope you find solace in the craft you taught me.

    Thank you, everyone. I finally found the words for this post, and I hope that you are all at peace with yourselves and your loved ones.

  2. This set brings me to tears. I could feel the silence of someone who lost a loved one. The flipflop that would never be worn. The rain that will cover the tears and sorrows. If only the waters can talk. All said, there is calmness after the storm. Still gloomy but the sun will come. God knows when. It will be a hard road to travel. My own story. I was able to create thru your lense, Thank you and God bless to all who are hurting.

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