the fish market

I finally had time last Sunday to do some shooting after being torn between household chores and bed rest.  It wasn’t fun being cooped up at home while outside was raining.  Rain.  I love seeing people crowding under an eave or running to cross the street, but not last Sunday.  I can’t complain. I needed the sunshine while recovering from a bad flu.

The ubiquitous water can.  It’s everywhere, and waiting for it to fill with much needed water is definitely a waste of productive time.  This is a daily challenge for majority of the residents in this city.  Solutions and action are badly needed, not promises nor excuses.

Dried fish sold by the pound, or in this case, by the kilogram.  Not much sale going on here with all the fresh fish just a few steps away.

Money changes hands very quickly in the fish market, and nobody wants to be the last person holding the stale fish.  The catch comes in an hour after midnight, and I have to remind myself to visit this place again when the boats come in.  Hopefully one of these days I could spend a day in one of those fishing boats.

The fishmongers cater to both wholesale and retail.  Despite the amount of cash they have on hand, their take home profit is but a small percentage of what passes through them.  Deduct from that the money to be paid to the usurers who come every so often like vultures waiting for the kill.

.. and part of the day’s profit goes to the lottery.  At least part of the proceeds from lottery income goes back to basic services.

This guy was begging to be shot, again and again.  Somebody please take him.  He’s been begging to be published and sent abroad.

Kids play with real money.  It used to be bottle caps years ago, but not anymore.  These kids play for keeps.  Winner gets everything.

Playing checkers on just about anywhere.  A board, bottle caps and something to put them on, and it’s game time.


10 thoughts on “the fish market

  1. Good to meet you Orlando. I spent a few years around the Far East, (7 years in Hong Kong) and visited the Philippines and Malaysia a number of times. I miss the Far East. Your photos bring back great memories. Enjoy your week, George

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