hugot-hugot, piso-piso la!






























4 thoughts on “hugot-hugot, piso-piso la!

  1. thank you all for dropping by. This is one post that won’t come out well in black and white.

    Jack, it was Mexican, and yes, I hope we meet again next year. Your old photographs keep me inspired. I hope my photos will still be around in a hundred years.

  2. hugot hugot piso piso la. hahaha during my days , it was hugot hugot , cinco cinco la. hahaha. sign of old age. –anyway, i like those photo of those filipino kids, reminded me again, how i miss philippines , specially our hometown tacloban. although i took one week vacation there last month. and meet for the first time, the master photographer – orlando uy . i am looking forward for another one.. next year maybe. ( orlando – thanks for the nice delicious filipino style lunch )

  3. nicely done! bless the children who for a brief moment try their luck, for fun and for what ever reasons, they, only may know. human nature kicks in, anxious to feel the joy of winning. Ahh, youth and innocence. thank you Mr. Uy for capturing it, and reminding us that we were young once!

  4. strong and warm colors to show the charm of a culture.
    children are so focused in their game!
    enchants me these shots, I mean, photographing people in total ignorance of our click.
    thank you for add my blog.

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