Chasing Headlines

Today was a wonderful Sunday morning.  I was back on the streets where I grew up, back at the downtown area among familiar faces and spending a few moments chatting with acquaintances.  My goal for the day: catching the headlines.  This is in preparation for the online street photography contest organized by the famous photographer and author Thomas Leuthard from Switzerland.  Of course, the contest is about street photography featuring HEADLINES.

Tabloids rarely bring good news, if ever.  Never mind the headless reader, we’re after the headlines of Tonite today.  (Oh boy, even this play with words is becoming hopeless….)

I’ve never known that there are already that many tabloids in circulation.  X-Files?  Hmmm…  somehow I get a nagging feeling that this has nothing to do with aliens nor Gillian Anderson.  Ok, maybe more of Gillian Anderson but definitely no aliens.

I’d really chase after the photographer if this were me… What do I care about what happened to who?

Having different mastheads make no difference… it’s still the same depressing news to ruin a perfectly good day.

……unfortunately, having no masthead still doesn’t make things any better.

The business section… better for wrapping roses than pushing daisies.


6 thoughts on “Chasing Headlines

  1. thanks, everyone. It was indeed a very interesting walk, and knowing what to look out for made things less complicated. There’s still lots of time to go take more shots, hopefully I will find the scene I am looking for.

  2. Orly hope you win! Not only Tacloban will be famous , it will also shows the hardship most of the population endures on their daily life.

  3. My lord, this set is so wonderful ! Excellence at its best ! You captured the ” Headlines”. Good luck. I hope the members of the Jury, agree with us and see what we see.

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