Ever wondered what it is like to live in the countryside?


There is little to no digital distraction.


There’s no rush.


Nothing to do but go fishing on a Sunday afternoon.


Of course there’s harvest day.  It can be on a Sunday, or any day, but the day of the week doesn’t matter any.


Except when it is a rainy day.


Surely there’s enough time to ponder about life’s mysteries when you’re living in the countryside.


4 thoughts on “countryside

  1. I am looking at these pictures and realizing how different life is in other countries. I wonder sometimes, as someone who has only lived in the US and Mexico, how long it would take to adjust to the different living conditions. While I by no means live a lavish existence, I have never worked in a field or had to walk miles to get somewhere. Seeing these brings a sense of complete peace by how the countryside looks so quiet and serene, especially in black and white. They also make me appreciate what I have here in the US more than I do on a daily basis. Thanks for giving me another reality check today. ~Shell

    • Except maybe for the hot humid weather, the recklessly fast drivers and slow internet, it shouldn’t be difficult to get used to the laid back lifestyle in the countryside.

  2. A time to reflect and get in touch with your inner self…a moment when you take time to slow down and enjoy nature at its best.

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