165 kilometers from Tacloban is the municipality of Guiuan, Eastern Samar.  Another 24 kilometers from there, the pilgrimage site that is Sulangan.


While everybody else was at the church, I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass without taking a tour around the place by myself.


As with most coastal villages, the main source of livelihood for the people of Sulangan is fishing.


The fishing activity here doesn’t start early.  It is past 6am and the boats are still parked on their stilts.


And off they go at 7.




And that is all the time I had.  I’ll have to come back on my own next time.


File_000 (17).jpg
This is the first long club ride of the year, and here I am at the halfway point – roughly 85 kilometers from where we started.  This is where I had to wait for the truck to come pick me up; suffering from cramps on both legs is not the way I wanted to finish.

I was back on the bike on the last 32 kilometers of the trip after a much needed rest.  The whole trip took about 11 hours, stops included.  The route is very scenic with enough climbs to make it interesting.  We’ll organize a bike tour someday, hopefully soon.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. I’d take a camera over any phone camera any day, but there’s no better camera than the one at hand.  I miss my Lumix LX5.



3 thoughts on “Sulangan

    • It drowned in floodwater in 2013.
      The resolution on the iPhone isn’t good for large prints, and it doesn’t have controls other than brightness. Lots of tweaking required in post processing, unlike a regular camera.

      • Bummer! That’s unfortunate. I couldn’t tell the photos on the blog were iPhone though.

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