shooting through water

4 days and counting….or is it 5 days? or 6?  Seems like I’ve lost track of time and still there is no end to the downpour.  2 typhoons in December and 1 early this January; it’s like we’re back in January of 2015.


With visibility this low and temperature even lower, I should’ve stayed in bed….


…and miss all the activities that happen only during a heavy downpour.


I don’t know if there’s an English word for “tatsi”, but I’m guessing there’s probably none.   The game is closely similar to playing marbles except that coins or bottle caps are used. Yep, we played in the dirt back then and had a blast. Too bad a lot of kids now prefer gadgets over street games that they miss out on the beneficial microbes in the dirt that made those of us who had eaten dirt immune to minor sicknesses.



This could be the last time I’ll see children playing in this flooded highway. Repairs were supposedly done today and it shouldn’t flood anymore.

Imagine if I decided to stay in bed…


Can’t stop beach lovers from taking a dip, even in bad weather.


There isn’t going to be a catch today. Even fishes like to stay in bed on rainy days.


13 thoughts on “shooting through water

    • same here, except that we’ve had rain for so many days already and the bed is getting damp from the very wet weather

      On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 7:12 AM, A walk with my camera wrote:


  1. What stands out to me most about these pictures is the way the children are enjoying themselves in the midst of disaster. I wonder sometimes if this is something adults need to do better about enjoying. Being able to just accept what is going on around us and continue living without worrying about everything that comes our way that doesn’t look like we want it to look. Thanks for this reminder. ~Shell

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