writings on the wall

This memorial was erected as a testament to the lives lost on November 8, 2013.  On it were the names of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and neighbors.    OCUY2382

Today it stands as a faceless and nameless wall.  Have they been forgotten?


11 thoughts on “writings on the wall

  1. Heartbreaking… Wish you and all your friends and family in Tacloban the best Easter Sunday possible (or what remains of it) and may the springtime be a time of greater growth and healing for your community. Take care ~

  2. They haven’t been forgotten by their families or friends, but, sad to say, the world moves on to the next news story. But their names must end up on the wall as a permanent reminder of that dreadful tragedy.

  3. I pray they haven’t forgotten Orlando. It’s amazing how time causes outsiders to move on to other tragedies. The news was talking about the devastation in Thailand with it’s tsunami. That was 11 years ago already.

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