Palm Sunday


It’s that time of the year again when the pious gather around church altars to have their palm frond crosses blessed by priests.  It’s also a time when enterprising people get to share in some of the blessings by way of selling palm frond crosses outside these churches.


The significance of these crosses may have been lost in me, but not the realities of the daily struggle these people go through just to make ends meet.


No one is too young to work if the situation so dictates.


And no one is too old to be exempted from work, especially if they cannot afford not to.


But the best story of the day was from this very nice lady who was sitting by the side entrance of the church compound.  She talked about her grandson who has been left in her care since he was 6 months old.  There was a lot of pride in the way she talked about her grandson’s academic achievements and how responsible he is with the money he earns from helping her sell her goods.  She is one happy and proud grandmother.


15 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. oh my god these photos are all outstanding and i cannot believe that one single person could ever take such amazing photos. i love the black and white theme but then again the colour photo was just as good as the others! theses are all honestly amazing! i love it so much! they are so proffesionalin its style and are taken so well it is just amazing!

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