slow day

The regular Sunday activities are slowly returning as people (city dwellers, mostly) have more or less settled back into their old routines.  While there are still many things to be done, houses to be relocated, jobs to be created, livelihood training to be taught, Sundays will always be days of rest and recreation.


Chess also happens to be a spectator sport, especially when there are bets on the table.


What’s better than switching channel between commercials?  Having one television for each channel.  Now if only the rest of the hundred and one television sets are fixed…


Teach a man to fish and he’ll go hungry if the fish aren’t biting.



12 thoughts on “slow day

  1. This is an amazing picture. Goes to show how at the heart of things we truly are the same. Something so simple, like a man fishing at his leisure speaks volume to me because it is such a minuet activity, yet halfway across the world here we are, sitting by a different body of water with our cast out and we are both thinking about everything, or nothing. Excellent piece.

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