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Sabang District, August 17, 2014.  It is now 9 days and 9 months after Haiyan/Yolanda and this place is experiencing a rebirth.  Houses are sprouting like mushroom and the population density is rapidly increasing.  Soon it will be back to what it was before.


There is a season for the games children play and the toys they bring out, and this is the right time to go “around the world”.  I’d better take a step back or else the world will come crashing into the camera.


An obligatory group shot of the neighborhood kids.  Taking group photos of kids is one way of letting the adults know that I come in peace, especially when almost every adult male in this community has a lot of tattoos on them.


I think it’s time to sort photos like these, especially from earlier and happier times, not that this isn’t a happy photo.  And I will be needing prints this time.


Rubber bands are these kids’ form of currency.  It can be stretched to fit any budget.


Place your bets!  Color coded dice on a makeshift color board.  Somebody has to teach them how to save money so they can have a better life.


“When can we have our print?”

Soon, I hope.





16 thoughts on “kids’ corner

  1. This weeks pictures lifted my spirits like none before. Children are resilient and can rebound from tragedy quickly. They all look very happy. Thank you for sharing their lives with us.

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