candles in the dark

Last May 2013, I was out on the streets on an early evening with a new camera taking photos of a street procession, the Santa Cruz de Mayo.  I never thought I’d be photographing the same subject again this year.

It’s been 3 days and 6 months after Haiyan/Yolanda and downtown Tacloban is starting to get back on its feet.  The nightly processions have started on the 1st of May and will last through the whole month.  It’s still too early to say whether there will or will not be the usual pageantry on the 30th of May, but I do hope there will be one, if only to show that things are going to be ok.


I asked one of the children why everybody wanted to be a bearer of the lanterns and I was told that they get double the goodies that were handed out by the procession sponsor, or in a more specific term, 2 bags of chips.  Not bad for a short walk around the block.


There are the usual flower bearers and a couple of angels, and everybody else has candles.


The lanterns are lighted and the kids are itching to get moving.  Happiness is a bag (or 2) of chips waiting at the end of the procession.


Barangay Libertad.  I just realized that this place is teeming with children, and the storm surge was more than one storey high in this area.  It’s good to know that they made it to safety.


Just a few months ago, we lighted candles for a different reason.  Now could be a good time for a  little thanksgiving.



21 thoughts on “candles in the dark

  1. Sense of normalcy for the kids, Tacloban is trying, and it will. Thank you for all the updates. There are so many people who look forward for you posts. Keep it up Mr. Uy. I love you for all you do. I miss “Flores de Mayo” too.

  2. Hello Orlando, Thank you for continuing to document the process of recovery in Tacloban. Is there any way to contact you offline? I have some questions about the recovery and would like to talk with someone like you who is in daily contact with the local population. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. -Kelly

  3. Miss this tradition, it is a relief that no matter how horrific the last 6 months was, people are moving on

  4. Lovely post Orlando and I’m glad to have come across it this evening while doing a bit of reading before going to sleep. Great photos and story. Sorry I haven’t kept up to date with you in recent months; new job taking all my time!! Now I have WP app on my iPhone it’s a lot easier 🙂

    • Thank you, Peter. It’s the same with me here, I’ve reduced the time spent online but still make sure I have time for photo walks, even if it’s now down to an hour and a little more if I get out of bed early.
      I hope you’re adjusting well to your new job.

    • Me too. Hopefully we will have a street parade and cultural presentations during the grand fiesta this coming end of June. It will be a benchmark of how far we have recovered.

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