1 hour

It’s an early Sunday morning and all seems quiet downtown.  This is how it is going to be for some time while I get my new “normal” schedule worked out.


That’s one sack of salted fish to sell today.


Across the street, the day’s fresh catch.


This used to be my favorite breakfast spot after those early Sunday morning photo walks.  Now all that’s left of it is a desert.

One more circle around the block and the hour was over, time to go home.


Last week I missed to post an entry.  I was out with my camera but there wasn’t much to be photographed except for this photo which tells me how my future photo walks should be done – by intense observation and note taking.




13 thoughts on “1 hour

  1. We’ll take anytime, any moment, in an hour, whatever you could deliver. Take care Orlando. Keep up the good work. I’ve seen Tacloban recently, could not find words to describe the situation . Thanks to you for keeping us in the loop. God bless.

  2. Funny that you should comment about note taking Orlando. An 80 year old senior friend of mine planned on taking notes about the settings she used while out shooting in a game refuge. She had never heard of Exif files so I gave her a quick demonstration with an Exif reader app on my Nexus 7 tablet. I explained she could easily get a version for her Apple iPad 2 that works the same way. No note taking required.

    Your blog and its captures has encouraged me to start shooting people on the street. It’s actually exciting and quite rewarding. I’ve been sneaking in these travel candids during blog posts. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thankfully I already know about exif after attending a few workshops. I need to write down notes of places where I have seen interesting scenes & people but didn’t have the time to take photographs so that I can come back later and spend an hour or 2. This really makes me miss my Lumix which was always in the car in case I happen to come across something photogenic. Maybe I should buy another p&s.

      Happy street shooting, Bob. I’ll be looking forward to seeing and knowing more about your place and the people that makes it special.

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