across the river

Kids carrying jerrycans and plastic water bottles walking along the highways is pretty much a common sight, except when somebody walks down the side of the road towards the embankment where there is no other place to go except to cross the river.

There are no bridges here, only bamboo rafts.

I was instructed to stay in the middle of the raft.  I slowly crawled forward, careful not to slip and fall into the flowing river, but in my mind I was more worried about not getting a ride back to civilization.

With camera in hand, phone in my pocket, water an inch or two deep between the bamboo poles, I was as stiff as a statue, barely moving while he maneuvered the raft to the other side of the river.

We’ve reached the other side.  Aside from the thought of being shanghaied, I had the dog to contend with.  So much for the spirit of adventure.

He wanted a photo for Facebook.  No problem.  I needed to be able to identify my captor if I don’t make it back home by dinner time.

This is part of the daily routine.  Buy water from across the river and across the highway.

Nestor’s paradise.  Lots of privacy and everyday is a Sunday.

This was on the way home after being released from captivity.  It was my first time seeing people swimming in the Bangon River.

They’re leaving.  Also time for me to go.

Meet the swim team.  I told them to keep their poses for the tourists, otherwise I am not taking their photo.  It worked.

The final stop for the weekend – Cancabato Bay at sundown with the Tacloban skyline in the background.


26 thoughts on “across the river

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  2. you also held us captive for sometime:):) wonderfully done! thank you for helping us back across the river. excellent shots, special piece.

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