the breakfast club

One shouldn’t take photos of people while they are eating.  It’s bad taste.

Taking photos of people eyeing their food isn’t ethical too, but this is a photo of kids staring at somebody else’s food, and no doubt the food tastes good.

I’ve always thought that the pits are exclusively for pig roasting, and that shiny pot looks like a pig.  Obviously I haven’t eaten yet.

Sunday morning, breakfast done and now they’re playing with a makeshift see-saw…

..while their brother has yet to finish his breakfast.  No, he can’t leave the table unless he clears up his plate of sticky rice and a cup sikwate (chocolate).

Everybody’s favorite store, or maybe the only store with a counter low enough for kids.

She has her mouth covered, and she is probably just licking the margarine off that slice of bread.  Technically, it’s not the same as eating.

And he is playing with his food, not considered as eating.

This, I guess, is just too good not to shoot.  Breakfast on a makeshift table.


I’m back from the photo summit in Cebu.  It was a series of lectures from different photographers for 3 days.  While I have learned some new things from the lectures, I am not sure how they would apply to my way of capturing human interests.  I do not direct the subject like a travel photographer would, nor do I focus on juxtaposing elements which is a favorite among street photographers.  I don’t combine digital art into the photographs I shoot, and I am not really interested in shooting festivals.  So, why did I attend?  To learn a few things that might just come in handy in case my hobby takes a different direction later.


30 thoughts on “the breakfast club

    • I have been to Cebu a few times and the landscape is constantly changing. What I’ve noticed about the place is that on the major streets, you only see skyscrapers, malls, and other big structures. It is fast becoming a big commercial city and to find communities like the one I’ve just photographed, you need to enter side streets.

  1. laughing all the way, those kids are just a joy. I love the low counter, but little girlie’s pants were really low:):):) excellent shots once again. fun!

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