the penguins of tacloban

I wouldn’t have believed it possible to see penguins smack in the middle of a busy street in the tropical island of Leyte had I not seen the Penguins of Madagascar.  Yep, Hollywood did some amazing work on my brain that I now believe anything is possible and if I look at the moon long enough, I’ll see cows jumping over it.

sidewalk vendor with his inflatable balloon penguins

Ok, I exaggerate a bit.  They’re not smack in the middle of a busy street.  They’re on the sidewalk waiting for the traffic light to change, but they’re penguins nevertheless, and I’m still in the tropical island of Leyte the last time I checked.

kids with a home made wooden scooter playing in the middle of the road

Somewhere down the road, I met this little guy.  He was smack in the middle of the street.

I haven’t seen handmade wooden scooters for a long time.  Many decades ago, every kid probably had one.  They were made from strips of wood nailed together and had metal bearings for wheels that made a lot of noise when used on the streets and sidewalks.  (This one has rubber wheels.)  There should be some authentic scooters lying around in some neighborhood, unless they have all been chopped up for firewood.


16 thoughts on “the penguins of tacloban

  1. Interesting wooden scooter. I used to make a similar one when I was a kid. Well, it’s not a scooter, more like a cart — like a skateboard but with a simple steering mechanism. It’s not perfect, but I have a great time playing with it :D…

  2. i built one like that , when i was early teen. got used bearing , for free , from G. leting , tacloban . those pictures , again , bring back the good old days.

    • I never had a chance to pound my thumb building one… I guess I was lucky to have a cousin who had a scooter that was a promo giveaway by coca-cola

      Orlando Uy

  3. I have seen it in front of the hospital waiting for the tomeco to assist them to transfer to the other side.

  4. you did it again!! I had a big laugh :)) well said, and the pics said it all. I hope I’ll see those penguins when I come visit.

  5. Reblogged this on Quirky Side Up! and commented:
    Love Orlando’s quirky compositions and observations about the interesting island. Black and white street photography has never been more fashionable!

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