I took a road trip last Saturday morning, taking advantage of our local holiday.  Destination: the winding roads of Lemon to take photos of the furniture shops there.  I didn’t really find anything interesting when I arrived, and I would’ve come home empty handed had I not already learned to stop and smell the roses burning leaves and twigs along the way.

kids gathering firewood by the road side on an early morning

These kids were walking along the highway gathering firewood in the early morning.  No firewood means no breakfast, no lunch and no dinner.  City dwelling kids on the other hand wake up and the first thing they do is get on the internet.  No internet means they won’t eat breakfast, nor lunch, nor dinner until the connection is restored.

a couple rowing their boat upstream, heading towards home

This is water under the bridge.  It’s lovely when the weather is fine, but be careful; the bridge sometimes goes under.

close up photo of couple in a rowboat

Still on the bridge, and no signs of troubled waters.  If Simon and Garfunkel were here today, they might want to do a revival of their song, but with a new title that goes something like  “troubled bridge over peaceful waters”.

empty bingo stall

Remnants of a fiesta, or feast day in honor of the patron saint.  It is the time where the devoutly religious attend the daily novena masses, and those who are waiting for an answer to their prayers come and visit the betting stalls.

a game of chances

Apparently, minors are allowed.  Here they are taught about real world economics and statistics; that the purchasing power of their peso is greatly diminished with each roll of the die, and is further reduced with each successive roll.


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