shopping in the dark

The Tacloban public shopping center used to be a bright place with many small shops.  It is almost a city block in size and features a wide open grassy space in the middle that was accessible through 4 passages, one on each side of the complex.  I still remember playing “sato” (a native Filipino game) with my friends there.

About 3 decades ago, that open space was rented out to a single mall operator.


A lot of people haven’t been to the inside of this aging building, and there aren’t many reasons to be in here except for those who have some business to conduct with the very few stalls that are still open for business.


A seamstress in the making in a small tailoring shop inside the building.


This billiard hall is now back in business after the typhoon.


Looking through an open wall inside one of the shops.  “Kumusta, kaibigan” greeted the shopkeeper.


The small canteen caters to the stall owners and their employees.


Somebody didn’t want his photo taken.


Letty is a friend whom I would stop and have a chat with whenever I’m touring the shopping center.  She’s been here as long as I can remember and she’s already been through hell and high water.


11 thoughts on “shopping in the dark

  1. It’s so pleasing to view another edition of Walking. I’m happy to see the billiards hall is back in business! Thanks for posting, as always.

  2. Life there is so different than here that it’s like another world. I’m so blessed to live in my colorful, garden paradise that is Oregon. It makes me appreciate what I have even more.

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