staying cool

Today is the first day of summer according to my calendar.  No rain for the past few days and I am waking up to warm sunlight filtering through my bedroom windows in the early morning.  It’s time to hit the beach!


A friend once offered to teach me surfing, but that was at a time when I was spending the entire Sunday mornings playing golf.  If the offer is still good today, I will most definitely take those lessons.  This definitely looks fun.


Surfers on a break on top of a cliff along the highway in the municipality of Dulag.


Around a short bend, a group of skim boarders are also on a break.


The view from where the skim boarders were sitting.


Some days are spent on the beach, from morning until afternoon.  It sounds like a nice retirement plan.


…just have to remember to bring a beach umbrella.


As with everything in life, the fun has to end.  Tomorrow will be another day.


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