summer rain

Water, water everywhere, and more than a drop to drink.  Finally it rained after a long hot summer day.

I was wishing for rain, but it caught me unprepared.  Mentally, that is.  I was torn between heading back to the office or spending a few more minutes driving around and shooting through rain spattered windshield.  With most of the people glued to the boob tube watching the impeachment proceedings of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, I figured that I won’t be missed anytime soon.

children playing on flooded water from a strong summer rain

I’ve almost forgotten about the rain jacket and the waterproof sombrero in the car.  It’s been there all the time while I was deciding whether to risk getting myself and my camera wet, or to just be contented with shooting through glass.  And then I was smacked on the head by my own hand.

This scene almost got away.  Almost.


16 thoughts on “summer rain

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  5. Awww.. those pics of kids playing in the rain reminds me so much of the good old times when I was in elementary school. 🙂 Thanks for this lovely pic you took.

  6. thanks, everyone.
    @Fowler, thanks for sharing your polaroid shots – they’re all beautiful.
    @Linda, I shoot mostly in RAW format, color, and then convert in Lightroom.

  7. These are wonderful images. I can’t decide which I like better. Shooting through a rain-soaked window is a great technique that I love to do, but the other is very appealing too. Glad you decided to delay your return to work. Do you shoot in bw mode or do you convert from color to bw?

  8. Your shot through the wet windshield reminds me of a technique we used to do with manipulated Poloroid images. We would shoot with an XS-70 camera that used a unique film with a vinyl covering over the image. Then we would use a wooden stick to push the emulsion around under that covering to create a painterly effect. It was fun and always different.

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