Fiery Sunday

This was the scene at Old Road Sagkahan this morning, a densely populated fish port in Tacloban City.  A conflagration razed hundreds of houses in the area, disrupting the lives of hundreds of residents.

These are all the earthly possessions of the one of the residents, loaded and ready for evacuation.  Fire

Onlookers, myself included, fill up the streets, sometimes blocking the entry of  firetrucks.

A fish bucket being filled with whatever water is available; a fireman takes a break from the firefighting action.

An improvised dustpan, an improvised bucket, and water on the sidewalk.

News reports have declared at least 500 houses razed by the fire.  Donations for the victims will be accepted by the Rotary Club of Tacloban at the Rotary Center, Tacloban Convention Center Compound, Tacloban City.  Contact # 325-7372.


14 thoughts on “Fiery Sunday

  1. Orlando, I love your street photography. I was born in the Philippines and spent my childhood there, came to the US at 12. I especially love the photograph of the children playing in the rain. A great reminder from my childhood. Anyway, I take a lot of photographs as well and very much enjoy the art of photography and capturing images and nature’s beauty! It is true, a picture is worth a thousand words, or maybe more!

  2. powerful and moving set of pictures…i myself had a very late lunch during that day, i have to wait for my own firefighter hero to be home..sunburned after the blazing and scourging heat of fire and sun…

    • thank you, Twinkle, and yes, I saw your firefighter. My hats off to the courageous men and women who willingly sacrifice life and limb for the safety and welfare of others.

  3. I enjoy your blog–your bw street photography is wonderful. Seeing it encouraged me to begin setting my camera on the bw function, which I had never done before. I have Silver Efex pro and can convert colored images to wonderful bw, but there’s something about shooting it with the camera that is appealing–an entirely different way of looking at the subject in front of the camera.

    I love the 2nd image in this grouping–the reflections in the sunglasses… Good work. thanks for the inspiration.

    • thank you, Linda. I did try Silver Efex pro and it is a great software. I had lots of gritty & grainy b/w photos in early 2010, which I’ve toned down since I’ve started using Lightroom. I still shoot in full color, composing the shot for b/w.

  4. sad to see those fire victims. i myself been a volunteer fire fighter back home ( TACLOBAN, LEYTE ) 1974 – 1987 . we are the one who organized the first volunteer fire brigade there. that DELTA fire brigade is one of the group , that branches from our creation. i missed those days, when i was training our men and new recruits in fire fighting technique. thanks for the posting. it is nice to bring back old memories. ( the good old days )

  5. heart pounding experience! you captured them well. so sad 😦 but people working together racing against time. thank you.

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