bright and brilliant

The thing about people like me is that we’re bright, sometimes brilliant, and really stand out in a crowd. We’re undeniably clear-headed people, and usually well-rounded too.

Sunglasses resting on the top leaves uncool marks, and so does sunburn on a hot sunny day at the beach.

I would venture a guess that barbers love us the most. No need to fuss with scissors and combs, no particular style to follow. It’s just the clipper and the razor, and enough care not to lop off one ear while hurrying up to accommodate the next customer. Without even warming up the seat or taking a little nap, we’re done and ready to go. The camel’s brush is really pointless – but we deserve to be tickled for the full amount we pay.

Being made fun of takes a while to get used to, and is especially hard during the first few days. Some can last months, or even years. People who are blessed with carpets on their head are sometimes very cruel, but most don’t even have the guts to shave their heads even if hair will grown back in a day. And don’t even think about teasing people who try their best to cover their fading glory – they are dealing with a very difficult issue of letting go.

Years ago a guy I know would always cover his eyes whenever I am within sight as if there was a glorious stream of light reflecting on my head and blinding him. It got old really fast and so I told him to buy a pair of cheap sunglasses, or I can buy him one. That sure ended all pretenses of casual conversation. I can talk about a lot of things but he can only talk about one, and something that is too obvious at that. I think he needed a shave if only to appear bright.

Come up with something original and humorous and we can both have fun at my expense.


5 thoughts on “bright and brilliant

  1. I’ve seen and read this several times, this touches my heart, I really think this is your personal best. Personally this is my best, the honesty is just too much.

  2. Oh God!…really a “bright and brilliant narration” Orlan! Really! But come to think of it if all Taclobanons happen to read your thoughts, we will surely have a share of history in the Guinness of World Records, bested even Tibet and other Monk countries. Cheers!!!

  3. Bright and brilliant narration. Well said. I always think that bald is beautiful. It is a turn on. Here in the US there are lots of them. We do not even notice it. You look pass it. In fact some people shave their hair on purpose ( take my son-in-law Ray ) and shaved his son’s too. Maybe we need to educate our brothers. Being bald is hard enough for others, hurting their feelings is worse. So proud of you!

  4. Thanks for the enlightening us on the this subject. Sometimes people forgets that it is an emotional issue. A point well taken. Although you should avoid people that at the end of the day does not lift you up.

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