the yearender

As 2016 comes to a close, this will probably be the last post for the year.  2016 has been a very slow year of blogging, mainly because I failed to begin the year with a goal as I did in the past.  So, come 2017, it will be at least one blog entry every fortnight.  Here’s hoping for longer weekends in the year to come!

On a side note, some of you might have read or heard about what is happening in the Philippines’ war on drugs.  What both the local and international media has failed to emphasize is how bad the illegal drug situation has gone out of hand over the past years because the previous administrations have turned a blind eye on the issue. Even I was surprised at how extensive this drug problem is, but the good news is that we now we have a duly elected president who is actually doing something about it.  While there are questionable methods being employed by government enforcers, there is also an equal or greater possibility of drug syndicates killing off anyone who can be linked to them.  Worse still, there are plans to destabilize the Philippine government by people who have been so used to wag the dog but dare not try it with our current president.

I want this drug problem eradicated and I want to make it clear that we will never have another president who has the balls to address this issue head on.  What I wish at this time is for the international community to lend support to our fight against illegal drugs.  Our country needs support, not condemnation nor interference.

That aside,  it is still peaceful here, and we go on with our daily lives.

And here I end my blog for this year with photos from one of my favorite spots.






Merry Christmas to you all and a Wonderful New Year.  Thank you for dropping by.



23 thoughts on “the yearender

  1. I hope you’re right, from over here it seems as though endorsing murder isn’t a good plan. I would have hoped that there is another way to tackle the corruption and drug use in the Philippines, and in all the countries that face similar problems :/

    • We too hope there is a better way but the past administrations have ignored this problem that it has grown so big. We have government officials and police involved and it won’t be easy to clean house. Give us time and no interference and we might be able to set things right, unless foreign interests want our country to fall into a narco state.
      Most, if not all Filipinos living in this country are against the killings too, but most Filipinos living in areas notorious for drug addicts are breathing a sigh of relief too. There are 2 sides of every story and that’s not what the media is portraying.

      • Well then I wish your country luck, hopefully soon things will be back to normal (well, not normal, better than normal!)

  2. Unfortunately Orlando I can’t see the United States helping you in your drug war. Everywhere I move to the state governments are legalizing drugs and yes, Marijuana is a narcotic drug. This country has gone mad with its laws demoralizing our society. Abortion, capital punishment, legitimizing the gay lifestyle and legalizing marijuana for recreational use has driven society to Sodom & Gomorrah times. The Roman empire reached this state just before its decay. My prayer is that president Trumps to bring us back to our senses, corporate greed be damned.

    • My wish, Bob, is for other countries to NOT interfere because when they do it is never to our interest in the first place anyway. We can sort this out by ourselves; other countries have mostly failed at the war against drugs and here we are taking steps to solve it and the last thing we need is for somebody to tell us it cannot be done. Let’s hope things go well for both our countries with our elected presidents.

      Happy New Year, Bob. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective on the drug war. Here in Canada I see the occasional news denouncing Duterte and making him out to be a crazed dictator so it’s very good to read your point of view. May this coming year be peaceful for you and your loved ones.

    • And may this year be peaceful and joyous to you as well. Thank you.
      It’s mostly the local and foreign media that is floating the theory of a dictatorship; we who are living here don’t think so, but if that happens, we will most certainly be the ones who will be in the front lines to fight against it. What we wish for other countries NOT to interfere.

  4. Hi Orlando, wonderful to read another blog from you. For some reason, I’ve not had my usual e-mail notifications of your blogs for a large part of this year, so I have some catching up to do on my reading!

    I’m currently back in the Philippines again, one month has gone already and another three to go before I return to the UK.

    I agree totally with your comments about Rodrigo Duterte – I’ve long been a fan because his success in bringing law and order to Davao. It irritates me intensely when the media concentrate on cheap headline grabbing quotes while ignoring what he is actually achieving. Drugs and corruption are a serious blight in many parts of the world and it’s interesting how many heads are falling now that the political determination is there. I find it very irritating that the West preaches at Duterte while it creates havoc in so many parts of the world through its interference, but then it would seem that old colonial habits die hard. There is no doubt that he is a man of the people and in him the Philippines has a strong leader who voices the frustrations of ordinary people, sick of being taken for a ride by the system – Duterte seems to be the first to provide action to back up his words and I wish him all success in his aims.

    Returning to a personal level, I’d like to wish you good health, peace and happiness for Christmas and over the coming year. Best wishes, Alan

    • And wishing you all the best this year, Alan. I haven’t done as much photography as I should have in 2016.
      Unfortunately not everyone shares what most Filipinos think about the current government and the achievements so far outside of the usual headlines. Imagine not having to worry about bullets being planted in bags at the airport and government employees are now more accommodating given that there is a hotline provided to report erring government officials. That, and the development in the agricultural sector, peace initiatives with rebel groups and such… The Filipinos never had a more responsive government than this before.

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