live to ride, ride to live

Today is a lucky day.  I chanced upon Gil Raagas, a 78 year old cyclist.  Cyclist, not the racing type, but one who has kept his bicycle in good running condition and is still using it since his father gifted it to him on his graduation day in 1952.


He has a small workshop in his house where he creates modifications to his bike from junk.


He is a retired motorcycle mechanic and a telecommunications engineer before that, when the telegram was king.


That is no fancy toolbox nor are those fancy bike tools, but they serve the same purpose.  It sits above the bottom bracket, and it’s his design.  How cool is that?


Another remnant of a bygone era – the Sarao custom built jeepneys.  This emblem will be welded onto the handlebar.


At 78, he still bikes a lot and even climb hills on it.  I’m adding that as one of my goals.


The mirror is from his vintage 350cc motorcycle.  “Live to ride,  ride to live.”  May the 1952 Challenger take you where you want to go, and may the wind be always at your back.


5 thoughts on “live to ride, ride to live

  1. Here in the United States we’ve long become a consumer people. We no longer find the need or desire to repair anything, spoiled by our wealth. It’s been decades since I traveled to poor countries such as Korea or Thailand. They are more on a par with the lifestyle you depict in your wonderful blog. I haven’t forgotten the time I kived outside the USA nor the happy people in those Southeast Asian countries.

    • South Korea is out of the pits, and that is evidenced by the amount of used items that are shipped over here to be sold as second hand items (clothes and shoes, mostly). We still have a long way to go. It would be great though if we can have easy access to spare parts for old stuff.

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