I grew up around people who fix broken things – cobblers and watch repairmen.  Most of them are still around, plying their trade.  It is very likely that they’ll be continuing their craft for a long time still.


This is something you see on many sidewalks.  They are still thriving in this age of digital watches.


Most, if not all, buy and sell jewelry as well.  What’s a decent watch without some nice jewelry to go with it?


I have always fancied myself learning the trade given my knack for taking things apart, if only I had the time and the patience for such delicate work.


Old and new mechanical watches share a lot of parts in common, quite unlike computers and mobile phones where anything older than 5 years is best dumped in the recycle bin.


Fuji lighter fluid, still in the same red plastic bottle from a lifetime ago.  We’ve sold cases of this in my father’s store.


This was all the time I had for today.


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