thin catch

A couple of weeks or maybe 3 have already passed by.  I’ve been out a few times then, once I came back with nothing.  It’s not the first time this has happened, but what’s worrisome is that I don’t seem to mind anymore, unlike before, when coming home empty handed was something akin to going fishing all day and coming home with nothing for the dinner table.


I still am thankful, though, for being able to afford this luxury.


This thin catch is a sign of things to come unless something is done, and done right.  International agencies have poured in a lot of resources to provide livelihood for the locals in the continuing effort at rebuilding after Haiyan.  These fishermen were provided boats, fishing gear, supplies, fish cages, fingerlings, feeds and everything they need.  Their operations were subsidized and everything was good… for a while.


Despite having been given the initial capital and equipment, the bountiful harvest has come to an end.  The fish had to be harvested prematurely because the subsidy for the feeds ran out.  There was barely enough to be sold at the market as part of the harvest was divvied up among the members.  There won’t be much income from this, if there is any as these small fries will only end up on the dinner table.


Somehow, as one of my friends believes, the universe will always set things right.  Let’s just hope that that is so, and not at the expense of the innocent.




7 thoughts on “thin catch

  1. You know, I’m not a fan of monochrome photography but given the poignancy of this article – this time, black and white really works!
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Do you have a name? How come i cant find the blogger’s name anywhere – not even in the “about me” section? 😁😊😂

  3. It grieves my heart to see people just trying to make a simple living when other countries are overfishing our oceans. Japan and China are raping our planet. China’s population has grown so huge and demanding that they must go outside their own country just to feed their population. I believe the next global conflict will be over food and water. 😦

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