Gory Friday (Warning! graphic content)

Every year on Good Friday, a passion play of the life of Jesus happens all over the country. I’ve seen a lot of these plays as a kid, during a time when taking week-long vacations in some exotic destination was still unheard of.

As luck would have it, this is the first time I’ve seen it up close.


Penitentes line up in formation, getting ready for the procession at high noon.  Water is sprayed, maybe to cool off or to take the sting off the open cuts that have started to bleed.


A few hard smacks on the back to start it off.


The whip is made of leather or nylon strips with wooden slats tied at the end.


2 rows of 5 cuts on each shoulder blade. He asked for 20.


That’s 10 for him.


I may have heard 40.


The procession begins.  The scene, from the main players to the street audience, could have very well been an accurate portrayal of what might have actually happened.


And he falls on his knees; one of the many along the way.


Does this absolve any of their sins?


At the foot of the hill.  It is going to be a long hard climb.


and the burden is heavy.


Calvary Hill.


To the faithful, the stations of the cross.


As if the whipping wasn’t enough..


Smart phones have taken away so many things, like a person’s dignity and the solemnity of this play’s ending.  Much worse are those taking selfies.  Sometimes I wish people would practice restraint, or maybe just learn to be respectful.


The final moments, the relief upon knowing that the nails are going to be pulled out in a short moment.  And one last click of the phone camera.



8 thoughts on “Gory Friday (Warning! graphic content)

  1. Even though these photos are more graphic than usual they pale in comparison to the real thing. Christians are still experiencing persecution and death at the hands of terrorists like Isis. Wholesale butchery is commonplace in the Mideast now, today.

  2. glad i found this unique blog. you got it. looking forward to see more of your shorts plus stunning photos. kinda wondering if you could also check out my blog. i have just started so it’s a big help if you check it out. got inspirations from you.

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