This morning was spent on a long bike ride and the afternoon in bed.  Glad I had some leftover unposted photos from previous walks or I would have been a zombie by now.  There really should be 2 Sundays in a week.




“bagul” or coconut charcoal, headed for the public market.


Sunday group


7 thoughts on “leftovers

  1. I can sympathize with your use of leftovers Orlando. I’m snowed in this Winter since moving across country, a new experience. I’m lucky if I can muster a single new photo for a post these days. I love your version of leftovers.

    • I hope you’re keeping warm, Bob, and thanks for the sympathy. I’m sure you’ll come up with something. As for me, I’m torn between spending time riding my bike, staying in bed or going out taking photos. There’s just not enough Sundays in a week to do all these things.

      • I must admit that being retired has its advantages. Just know that there is hope for you someday. 🙂

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