the waterfront

Sunday morning is decidedly my best time to go out for a photo walk.  There is no work, no rush, no appointments.  It is my alone time although technically I’m meeting new people every time I head out with my camera.

Today is another visit to Anibong.  This place holds a lot of memories of the people I’ve met.  As I passed through a narrow passageway, I remembered having taken a photo of a boy who had albino rats as pets and I wondered where he is now and if he’s alright.  I hope he is, and his family as well.


The waterfront.


The morning chore of gathering water from the artesian well because there is no tap water in this area.


Signs of an early summer: kites.


From the sky up above…

OCUY5184 the water down below…


The key to happiness is to have simple pleasures.


11 thoughts on “the waterfront

  1. Your photos are always interesting and fun to look at Orlando. I love the shot of the boy carrying the tubs, especially because of the little girl’s expression who is trailing him. Good composition! I bet people seldom notice most of your photographs are in black & white.

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