last post for 2015



A taho (tofu) vendor gets off a jitney to start his rounds in the neighborhood.


I just discovered the word “jitney” from a novel I was reading.  All the while I thought “jeepney” was a word made up from scratch.




I haven’t seen anyone playing jackstones for a long, long time.

To cap off this post, some photos that haven’t been published….


Sunset at the San Juanico Strait


The stormy sea on Pope Francis’ visit to Tacloban.


Cancabato Bay, January 25, 2015


The old Olino Building at the corner of Tarcela Street and Rizal Avenue.


The playground.

This is the 36th and last post for 2015.  Here’s hoping 2016 will be a better year for everybody.  Happy New Year, everyone, and thank you for dropping by.  See you next year!


25 thoughts on “last post for 2015

  1. Its a New Year!
    Its like a new Sunrise…..
    of Hope, of Prosperity, of Happiness.
    Its like a new Beginning……
    of Thoughts, of Words, of Actions.
    Its like a new Day…….
    of Energy, of Strength, of Ideas.

    Its like a bunch of whole new things…….
    of prayers, of friends, and of Love.

    Wish You A…Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright,
    Delightful, Mind Blowing, Sweaty & Energetic,
    Terrific & Extremely…….Happy….,
    A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016

  2. Happy New Year 2016 to you! I have thoroughly enjoyed the black and white photos of your neck of the woods and blogging. I look forward to more in the new year! I was wondering if you have a different camera you’re using. You had mentioned years ago a Fuji camera and am eyeing one for 2016 hopefully.

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