I thought I needed to go somewhere new because everything is starting to look the same.  It turns out that I just needed to change my schedule and free up Sundays for other things I enjoy, like a long morning bike ride.


Just around the corner from my house, a dressmaker’s shop long abandoned, a food vendor waiting for a big break or just to break even, and a flower shop that’s moving out.


College students, commuters and traffic stoppers.


A food cart by the pier, getting ready for the long night ahead.


I’ve always loved the glow from these pressure gas lanterns, reminds me of the time when we would light one up during those many nights of total blackout.  Siblings and cousins would gather around the light and we had great conversations.


I didn’t know these people worked overtime.


These are Cinderella shoes.. they only come out at night.

I was planning on taking a few months off from these photo walks to use that time for other things.  I don’t seem to have a reason for that now.


15 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I love your images. I’ve been wanting to start doing some street photography myself and I find these very inspiring. Thanks.

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