just moseying around


Today is walk alone and talk to no one day.  Feels kind of weird after seeing this guy who is on a high from sniffing glue, all alone and talking to no one.


The second floor of an old decrepit building as seen through a hole in the wall of another decrepit building I was standing in, ravaged by that super typhoon and will probably never get repaired.  These were big colonial houses during their prime, but are now nothing more than a pile of lumber being held together by rusty nails.


do not disturb, I’m busy


flowers for Jhadine


the balloon man must have been up all night.


6 thoughts on “just moseying around

  1. I like that your images are all in black and white, almost isolates the objects/people in them, lighting and shadows can change an image so much in black up! I love it! Thank you.

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