On the side of the busy road near the bend at Anibong stands a nondescript work shop.


In it one can find a plethora of handmade tools, among them being a couple of calipers made from scrap iron…


..and the main machine that brings in the business: an electric water pump motor hooked to a set of pulleys that drive the steel rod of a homemade wood lathe.


Not having enough resources to buy the right tools for the job hasn’t deterred Bitoy dela Rosa from rigging up a contraption that more or less does the same job.


This piece will be the main leg of a new coffee table.


The final touches.


Sanding the wood for a smooth finish.


The end result after a few hours on the lathe.


While most woodcraft shops would already have lathe duplicators to make quick work of things that need to be duplicated, Bitoy has to painstakingly create exact duplicates the old fashioned way.

Bitoy occasionally moonlights as an instructor in a vocational school but would prefer to get a job abroad to better support his wife and their 7 children.


11 thoughts on “legs

  1. tremendous hard work…breathing new life into traditional manufacturing methods…instilling fine values to younger generations. all the best wishes to him and his family.

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