how was your weekend?


Was it a happy wash day?


Or did you go bird watching?


Or maybe spent it with your very best friend?


Or did you have some bonding time with dad at the movies?

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoyed it very much.  As for me, it’s breakfast at the local fastfood joint with the family, and no, I don’t interrupt the moment by taking selfies. Maybe somebody can take candid shots instead.


21 thoughts on “how was your weekend?

  1. What is it that I can say to express how beautiful these pictures are? I am at short of words, which is not that often. Ahhhhh I am so excited to see these pictures and comment here.

    Love the fact that these are black & white. Nothing can capture the emotion and situation better than a black & white frame.

  2. Can I just say that your photography is really stunning and very captivating. I just started doing bits of different types of photography after I have learned ISO, aperture, white balance and the whole hoorah…. Your photography is what makes me proud of the Filipino talent 🙂

  3. Beautiful captures friend!
    I spend weekend with my daughter and we DID go bird watching! and then bowling and ate ice cream!

  4. this made me smile:):):) and made me appreciate more of my weekend with the family:) nicely done once again!!!

  5. You know Orlando if I go away with anything watching your blog each week it’s that I should be grateful for what I have. Your photos are always so heartwarming to me. Your people have what’s important in life, happiness and each other. The rest is fluff.

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