It just doesn’t feel like a weekend is complete without a photo walk but there are times when we can’t do anything about it.  One day is just not enough to do everything I want to do, especially when it involves hitting the snooze button a hundred times before getting out of bed and catching an afternoon flight.  There will be other days, so says a dear aunt of mine.

Thanks to social media, I’ve been able to make friends with people whom I haven’t met yet and this is our first meeting in person.  The best part is this being a photo walk in Navotas.


We arrived late in the afternoon just as the day shift was about to end.  No unwanted medical emergencies today besides the medicine cabinet suffering from a loose vowel.


The little girl didn’t want to be framed, so she slunk further back into the seat where she got caught between a truck and an SD card space.


Boat on the rocks during happy hour.


All eyes glued to the ladies volleyball championship on TV.


A dog day afternoon.


The real Filipino convenience store is way better than 711; you can get whatever you need through credit without ever needing a credit card nor a shirt on your back.


All I want to do is bicycle, bicycle…


Look out below, the sky has fallen!


The sun, the sea, and the silhouettes of ships against the sultry sky.


This beats staring at all those photos on Facebook.


I should buy something similar so I can take my wife on a bike ride.  A dutch cargo bike, perhaps.


This is a far as “riding off into the sunset” goes.


A majestic sunset.  I would never tire of this view.


Thank you, Amado, for taking me on a tour at a moment’s notice.  It was a great first meeting and I will be looking forward to more photo walks in the future.


14 thoughts on “Navotas

    • Thanks. It took a long time and many regular posts before this blog got noticed. I have many people to thank for the inteviews, features and shares that made this blog what it is today.

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