finite bounty

Much has been said about teaching a man to fish…


…and much, much more has been said about going forth and multiplying.


If anyone were to heed the call to procreate, it should be the fishes in the ocean.


A small catch of small fishes; how long will it be before they run out?


When that day comes, there won’t be anything to say about teaching a man to fish.


14 thoughts on “finite bounty

  1. You have such a great way with words as well as the photos you take, Orlando.

    We forget that we are only tenants on this little planet but it seems that we’re doing our best to screw up the future for our children and their children.

    Here in the Northern hemisphere, over-fishing has been a problem for a long time and when fish quotas are reduced to protect stocks, the fishermen complain about the impact on their livelihoods.

    When pressure grows on politicians to do something about global warming, the lobby groups go out in force to defend their profits.

    In the meantime, the planet continues to suffer. Man may be clever, inventive and resourceful but I’m beginning to realise he isn’t a very good tenant.

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