something old, something new


This used to be a copra warehouse.  It has been a copra warehouse for many years, maybe decades.  It now serves as a passenger terminal for vans for hire.


Tacloban City has changed for the better and also for the worse, and then there are some things that haven’t changed at all.  More specifically, some people’s way of life for the past 3 decades still remains the same.


They are the cobblers who have long occupied the sidewalks of Rizal Avenue.  Except for the young man second from the right, they have been around for as long as I can remember.  Their trade hasn’t flourished, but it hasn’t dwindled either.  Businesses on that street have come and gone: the comics stands that lined the street corner have long disappeared; the general store at the corner gave way to a pharmacy, which in turn gave way to this fast food restaurant.  There will be a new building beside this fast food restaurant soon.  The landscape has already changed yet these hardy people remain.  Times are changing, now faster than ever.  Who knows where they will be another decade from now?


23 thoughts on “something old, something new

  1. That first shot was wonderfully atmospheric, like something from a western and the second is a photo where you can’t help but grin back at the guy who’s grinning at you. Great stuff! It’s not just “Ole’ man river” than keeps rolling, so does time relentlessly. Sometimes it’s referred to as progress, sometimes not!

  2. I like to see how other people live their lives in places so different from where I live in the UK. I have been following your blog for a while now and find your photos of everyday life interesting. Copra was not a word I was familiar with and so had to look it up, so I learnt something new today. My favourite of your photos today is the second one. The man has a wonderful smile and I like that I can see a little more of the scene through the reflection behind him. Thanks for sharing.

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