one of these days…

There wasn’t one single soul out on the beach today but me.  OCUY2239

The last time I’ve seen a different view of this vista was from the airport terminal 2 weeks ago.  It was cloudy and the early morning sun was peeking through the clouds, casting light on this little island in the middle of the sea.  One of these days I should should be able to take a picture of that image that has been imprinted in my mind.  One of these days the rain will stop and then I should take a long walk with my camera.


7 thoughts on “one of these days…

  1. I recently posted a picture showing our blogging friends the view from my backyard. It was sunny, 65 degrees and green. I lived along the Rock Creek Golf course on the 11th hole fairway. The grounds are kept meticulously perfect, with lovely green evergreen trees and perfectly manicures fairways. May you someday be able to take that walk out to the island and bring us back pictures of your backyard Orlando. 🙂

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